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Staff of Northwest Regional Police Department

                                Police Secretary Tracy C. Hendrickson
                                                Hired: December 2011 by the Northwest Regional Police.



              Police Secretary Shirley Merrill
January 19th, 2004 by the Northwest Regional Police.
               Currently Part Time with department

   Experience: 20 Plus years of secretarial experience.


         Lieutenant Carl D. Steinhart
  Hired: August 21st, 1985 by Mount Joy Township Police
  Entered Law Enforcement: January 1st, 1983 with the Mount Joy Borough Police
  Specialized Training: Masters Degree in Education, training/development. Associates degree Police
  Administration, Bachelors degree in Public Policy, Certified Law Enforcement Trainer. Over 70 specialized
  training courses related to Law enforcement.            
  Special Assignments: Lieutenant, Criminal Investigations, Firearms/Tactical Training, Lancaster County Major
  Crimes Unit, Lancaster County Forensics Unit.
  Previous Experience:  No Comment
  Personal Hobbies:  Hunting, Fishing, ATV's
  Personal Statement:  No Comment


              Officer Kenneth M. Henry   
  March 16th, 1986 by Mount Joy Township Police
    Entered Law Enforcement: 10-1-1984 with Marietta Borough Police
    Specialized Training: Certified and Specialize in Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program
    (MCSAP), the Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspections.
    Special Assignments:
Assigned to Traffic Duties for Commercial Vehicle Inspections and
    general Patrol duties.
    Previous Experience:
4 1/2 yrs in the United States Marine Corps. Assigned as a Marine
    Security Guard at American Embassies in Poland and Germany.
    Personal Hobbies: Camping, Motorcycle Riding.
    Personal Statement:
“There are over 400,000 Pennsylvanians involved in motor vehicle crashes each year.       Please,Please, Please remember that you are responsible for your actions.  Courteous and Responsible driving saves lives.” 

        Officer Kenton L. Whitebread Sr.
    Hired: May 16, 1990 by West Donegal Township Police
    Entered Law Enforcement: August 1988 with Middletown Police Department
    Specialized Training: Certified Crime Scene examiner, D.A.R.E. officer, Crime
    Prevention Practitioner, Certified Child Abuse Investigations, Instructor for AED, CPR and First Aid.
    Special Assignments: D.A.R.E officer (Rheems Elementary School), Lancaster County
    Forensics Team, Lancaster County Major Crimes Unit, Lancaster County Child Abuse Cadre,
    Crime Prevention.
    Previous Experience: Volunteer Firefighter since June 1973, Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator,
    Certified Emergency Medical Technician, Sergeant in Charge-Royalton Borough Police,
    Corporal-West Donegal Township Police.
    Personal Hobbies: Firefighting
    Personal Statement: "They were here yesterday, we are here today, and who will be here tomorrow..."

               Officer Bryan J. Ressler  
    Hired: Sept 13th, 1990 by Mount Joy Township Police
    Entered Law Enforcement: Sept 1987 with Marietta Boro Police
    Specialized Training: K-9, Accident Investigations, Drug Investigations
    Special Assignments: Northwest CRASH Team
    Previous Experience:
    Personal Hobbies: Hunting
    Personal Statement:

       Officer Daniel L. George
   Hired: December 1992 by West Donegal Township Police
    Entered Law Enforcement: Feb 1992 with Elizabethtown Police
    Specialized Training:  Accident Reconstruction, numerous Law Enforcement schools
    Special Assignments:  Northwest CRASH team
    Previous Experience:  No Comment
    Personal Hobbies:  ATV Riding
    Personal Statement:  No Comment


          Officer Randall J. Aument
    Hired: July 1993 by West Donegal Township Police
    Entered Law Enforcement: January 1991 with Lancaster City Police
    Specialized Training: Instructor for Empty hand self defense and control, Warrant Execution,
    Rapid Deployment Instructor, Numerous self defense, and additional Law Enforcement
    related training.
    Special Assignments: W.R.A.P. Team, Department Self Defense Instructor.
    Previous Experience:  No Comment
    Personal Hobbies:    No Comment
    Personal Statement:  No Comment

           Officer Frank H. Ember Jr.
    Hired: February 1995 by Mount Joy Township Police
    Entered Law Enforcement:  September 1993 by East Donegal Township Police
    Specialized Training: BAC Datamaster Factory certified Maintenance Technician,
    E.B.I.D. Instructor trainer (Stun Devices), Warrant Execution,
    Pre-Employment Background Investigations, Digital Photo processing, Numerous
    additional Law enforcement related schools including Police Labor Law issues.
    Special Assignments: W.R.A.P. team, BAC Datamaster Technician, Pre-Employment
    Investigations, Dept Web site administrator.
    Previous Experience: Volunteer Firefighter, EMS since 1982, Lancaster County Prison Sergeant, E.B.I.D Instructor trainer, Pre-Employment background investigator.
    Personal Hobbies: Softball, Web Site development, Digital Photography, Motorcycling.
    Personal Statement: "Loyalty is an irreplaceable virtue"

         Officer Michael R. Bryant
February 1st, 2000 by Mount Joy Township Police
    Entered Law Enforcement: August 17th, 1998 with Manheim Borough Police
    Specialized Training: Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Penn State.
    Special Assignments:   
    Previous Experience: Plain clothes Retail Security Enforcing Shoplifting
    Hobbies: Motorcycling
    Personal Statement: "Your Decisions are your own, make them wisely and take responsibility
    for them, even the bad ones."  


          Officer Michael D. Shetter
    Hired: September 2002 by West Donegal Township Police
    Entered Law Enforcement: August 2000 with Royalton Borough Police
    Specialized Training:
    Special Assignments:
    Previous Experience: 3 yrs 911 Dispatcher for Police-Fire-EMS, 12 yrs Volunteer firefighter,
    Hobbies: Hockey, Weightlifting.
    Personal Statement: "Please drive Safe, and buckle up!!"



          Officer Charles Tobias
September 16th, 2003 by West Donegal Township Police
    Entered Law Enforcement: March 1st, 2002 with Elizabethtown Borough Police
    Specialized Training: Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (A.R.I.D.E), Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Instructor
    Special Assignments:
    Previous Experience: B.S. Criminal Justice degree from Penn State
    Personal Hobbies: Weight lifting
    Personal Statement: "Think for yourself and make decisions that you can live with,
                                    the only person you have to impress is yourself."


        Officer Harry R. Cleland Jr.  
     Hired: April 11th 2005
     Entered Law Enforcement: May 4th 1995 with Royalton Borough
     Specialized Training:  Firearms Instructor, Fire Investigations, Master Scuba
     Diver, Certified Gunsmith, Glock Armorer.
     Special Assignments:
     Previous Experience:
11 yrs Law enforcement, 9 Yrs Water Rescue Instructor,
      5 yrs Fire Marshall,
     26 yrs Volunteer Firefighter.
     Personal Hobbies: Hunting, Scuba diving.
     Personal Statement:

                                                        Officer Adam Shope

                                                          Hired: January 22, 2013      
                                                          Entered Law Enforcement:  2010 Shiremanstown Police  
                                                          Specialized Training:  Standardized Field Sobriety Testing  
                                                          Special Assignments:
                                                          Previous Experience:
2010-present Royalton Borough Police & Shiremanstown Police  
                                                          Personal Hobbies:  Spending time with friends and family, Firefighting  
                                                          Personal Statement:  Think before you act!

                                                        Officer Tyler Seidel

                                          Hired:  January 22, 2013      
                                                          Entered Law Enforcement:  January 22, 2013 
                                                          Specialized Training:  Interview & Interrogation  
                                                          Special Assignments:
                                                          Previous Experience: 
Reading Police Academy - Graduated December of 2011  
                                                          Personal Hobbies:  Hunting, Fishing, Motorcycle Riding  
                                                          Personal Statement  You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading today.

                                                          Officer Kris Hart

                                                          Entered Law Enforcement:
                                                          Specialized Training:    
                                                          Special Assignments:
                                                          Previous Experience: 
                                                          Personal Hobbies:    
                                                          Personal Statement 


                                                     Part-Time Officers / Staff

                                                  Officer William Roberts
           Hired: March 1995   
               Entered Law Enforcement: October 1972 
               Specialized Training:  FBI Fingerprint Examination  
               Special Assignments:
               Previous Experience:
Chief of Police Marietta Borough & Susquehanna Regional Police (ret. 2011), Ptlm Mount Joy Boro. PD

               Personal Hobbies: Sailing, Tennis, Biking, Photography, Scuba Diving   
               Personal Statement




                      Officer Nichole L. Woods
            Hired: July 2009     
                 Entered Law Enforcement: September 1998 
                 Specialized Training:  
                 Special Assignments:
                 Previous Experience:
Lancaster City Police 1998-2008  
                 Personal Hobbies: Reading, Playing field hockey, spending time with my 2 dogs, yoga  
                 Personal Statement:



                                         Officer Joshua N. Reager

                                                          Entered Law Enforcement:  
                                                          Specialized Training:   
                                                          Special Assignments: 
                                                          Previous Experience:
                                                          Personal Hobbies:   
                                                          Personal Statement

                                          Officer David E. Pickel

                                         Hired: July 2011      
                                                          Entered Law Enforcement: October 16, 1978  
                                                          Specialized Training: Firearms & Rapid Deployment Instructor, POLEX, POSIT certifications, Line Supervision   
                                                          Special Assignments:
                                                          Previous Experience:
Ret. Elizabethtown Police Corporal, Penn State University Police, Steelton Police  
                                                          Personal Hobbies: Outdoor Enthusiast  
                                                          Personal Statement: Relax and take it one day at a time.

                                         Officer Ali Boutorabi

                                          Hired: July 2012
                                                          Entered Law Enforcement: July 2012
                                                          Specialized Training: ENRADD Training, SFST training, Advance Tactical Patrol
                                                          Special Assignments: Warrant Team
                                                          Previous Experience:
                                                          Personal Hobbies:  Hunting, Fishing, Hiking
                                                          Personal Statement








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